We are a group of companies combining 25 years of experience and experience in the food sector at 10FİL Döner. An innovative presenting a combine in the world and the kebab and returns compared to the rotating restaurant on our own way to offer different flavors and in a modern fast food logic, especially universal rotary Turkey turns we know 10FİL Rotary as ONFİL GROUP so far in creating different and modern venue With this concept, we offer a better service, quality and healthy way. We have combined our company principles with our business in this direction. When starting this mission, of course, we strive to give our people the power to do better.



‘Yeni nesil döner’ anlayışıyla hizmet vermekte olan 10FİL Döner modern iş organizasyonuyla hizmet vermektedir.



Kazancımız modern tarzlardan hoşlanan yeni nesli, geleneksel ve lezzetli 10FİL Döner lezzeti ile buluşturmak.



Kullandığımız ürünlerin kalitesi ve lezzetiyle müşterilerimizin güvenini kazanmaktayız.

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